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Jeff Warren
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Meet Our Team

The competitive edge is knowledge. We don't sell land. We sell knowledge. The more knowledgeable the buyer and seller are the smoother the transaction.

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Jeffrey Earl Warren Team

Often people ask why we've sold more land for more dollars over the last 50 years than any independent office. Well, it starts with the boots. It’s about tromping around in the dirt—acquiring an intimate understanding of the land which separates Napa Valley from anywhere else on earth.

Our competitive edge is knowledge. In fact, we don't sell land—we sell knowledge. We toss in the land for free.

Whether you have questions regarding the difference between the Ag Preserve and the Ag Watershed, the cost of premium grape land on the Valley floor vs. plantable land in the hills; or the cost of planting a vineyard, paving a road, drilling a well, building a fence, building a house, or literally dozens of other criteria which go into purchasing a home up here, we’ve got the answers, or will connect you to the pros who can solve your problems.

Sure. We sell homes. Lots of 'em. But our strength is in the land -- because we've walked the land, galloped on the land, ridden over it in Jeeps.

We invite you to compare our expertise to any other office. We feel confident that we've got more in-depth files on more pieces of property than anyone, anywhere.

But don't expect to find us behind a desk. Most of the time we're out on the land, helping a neighbor find an approximate corner, coordinating drillers, checking back hoe samples, examining a vineyard or tromping through the poison oak trying to find a building site we suspect is there from the looks of a topo.

We've got the dirtiest boots in town.

And we're proud of it,

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Cody Warren Avetoom  

When searching for the ideal property in Napa Valley, it is essential to work with an agent who knows the area from the inside out. No agent knows the local market better than Cody Warren Avetoom. Primarily serving clients throughout the Napa Valley area, Cody has a strong background in specialty transactions that include industry-leading wineries, vineyards, and luxury estates throughout wine country.  

Born and raised in Saint Helena, California, Cody felt the call to come home to the Napa Valley after attending UC Berkeley and eight years in San Francisco where she and the other 50 employees launched a Silicon Valley “unicorn”.  After their wildly successful IPO, the urge to be back in the Valley that her family helped build proved too much. Those memories touring properties in her dad’s red jeep run deep.

As a 3rd generation realtor in one of the world’s most unique markets, Cody is following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather, who have had the honor of representing the best wine-makers and labels in the Valley since 1967.

Cody began working in her family’s real estate office when she was just twelve years old, assisting with filing, evaluations, maps, etc.  Today, Cody is a licensed, luxury and viticulture real estate agent that has called every creek, bridge, well and slope in the Napa Valley her backyard her whole life.  

As a member of the Warren Family, Cody has a deep understanding and tactical knowledge of the California’s pride and jewel wine industry.   Not only does she understand the nuances of purchasing a vineyard or a winery, but she also educates her clients on every aspect of the local market. Cody’s mission is to help her clients find their little slice of paradise in one of the country’s most beautiful regions. 

Cody works with buyers, sellers, and investors throughout the Napa Valley region, specializing in niche residential and commercial transactions, including estates, wineries, vineyards, and land sales. 

In addition to carrying on her family’s rich legacy in real estate, Cody keeps busy with her family Alex (husband), Winston (5 years), George (3 years) and Freddie (2 years). Not to mention a Red Bone Coonhound Puppy “Riggins”. In the rare moments she has spare time, you can find Cody and her family skeet shooting in Conn Valley, cheering on the Bay Area sports teams, and watching the next Napa Valley generation. 

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